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Art Project, Book, Painting, Video

With the onset of Covid19, I created a video/art series with my brother Michael (producer) called "Quarantined Portraits". The project evolved from painting self-portraits on Facebook Live to painting all types of creative professionals throughout the world. We discussed how quarantine was affecting their creative practice. The results were astounding. I interviewed incredible talent such as the stuntman from the Black Panther movie (Khalil LaMarr), the creator of Strawberry Shortcake (Muriel Juneberry Fahrion), the actor who played John Laurens in the Tony award-winning production of Hamilton on Broadway (Anthony Medina), and Evan Gregory of the Gregory Brothers who created the viral hit Songify The News.


Hear more about the project by listening to the podcast interview below. 

Creatives_in_Quarantine_Resilience_with_Podcast Interview
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Painting these folks while interviewing them was a humbling and inspiring experience, to say the least. It was so therapeutic to get my mind off of myself during this pandemic and learn about how others are feeling, working, and living out their best life, despite the circumstance. 

Due to the powerful nature of the content, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a book, which would act like a time-capsule of sorts to document the oddness of the time in which we're living. We raised over $5,000 to create the book. 

Below are a few of the promotions we created to get the word out.